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July 2010

ABES Australia succsesful ins registration on the Roads and Traffic Authouity (NSW) standard bridge design Panel


March 2010

ABES Australia obtains ISO 9001 Quality Management Certification under the JAS-ANZ compliance system


January 2010

ABES Australia launches advanced modelling services for Australian and New Zealand structural consultants

February 2009

ABES Australia Launches Testing Consultancy  Services for the Construction Industry in Sydney

August 2008

ABES Australia Launches Project Management Services for the Construction Industry in Sydney 

September 2006

SOFiSTiK software officially launched in Australia. Australian design checks AS 3600, AS 4100 and AS 5100 are fully implemented.

Frank Deinzer from SOFiSTiK in Germany visits Australia and attends software presentations and Q/A sessions in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and Brisbane.

August 2006

First version of preTee finished. (see 'PORTFOLIO')

April 2006

First version of KingBeam design software released. (see 'PORTFOLIO')

March 2006

Directors Andrew Wheeler and Martin Pircher visit the SOFiSTiK headquarters in Munich.


February 2006

ABES Advanced Bridge Engineering Systems PTY LTD is a cooperation partner of ABES Pircher & Partner GmbH with their office in Graz, Austria.

ABES Australia announces their software cooperation with the German software house SOFiSTiK.

January  2005

ABES Australia  commenced trading as the register company Advanced Bridge Engineering Systems PTY LTD  



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